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What Can You Build with a CNC Router?


A CNC router (or computer numerical control router) is a versatile machine which is used for cutting a variety of materials, namely plastic, foam, wood, steel, aluminium and composites. 

The ‘computer numerical control’ aspect is the machine’s ability to plan tool paths which allow it to create multiple product types with a high level of accuracy and low-level material wastage. This may sound like it will take a while but that is simply incorrect, CNC routers work surprisingly quickly so you will see your masterpiece in no time.

Additionally, you can buy numerous different ‘bits’ for your machine. To name a few: chip breakers, straight flute cutters, diamond cuts and compression cutters. All of these have varying uses and costs which, depending on your project, you may or may not need. 

Wooden Projects

You can use CNC routers for manipulating wood, either by carving images into it or cutting all the way through and then assembling with screws, nails or wood glue later. 

Designers, artists and hobbyists like to use this machine for making frames, intricate door carvings, decorative panels, cheese boards, puzzles and even musical instruments. 

After you have cut and assembled your piece (for example, once you’ve made each component for a chair and have fixed it all together) some people like to add extra decorations by doing pyrography (burning wood with a special tool to create art). 

Metal Projects

These devices can mill metal on a large or small scale but mostly, they are utilized in the making of machine parts in factories. Because of the fine detail, they can be programmed to produce any size or shape, depending on the job that needs to be completed. 

Stone Projects

You can buy specific CNC routers for stone projects however, unless you only work in this material, you would be better off purchasing an all-encompassing one. 

Stone routers are specially manufactured to cut artificial stone, granite, tombstones and even glass. Art and designs can be carved onto the pieces, as well as cleanly cutting them. 

Polyurethane Foam Projects

It can be fairly tricky to cut this material by hand, especially if you are after complex forms. Luckily, CNC routers will do this for you easily. Depending on the foam type, they can even carve designs into the surface should you want to. 

Other Projects

The majority of CNC router owners tend to complete woodworking activities and art projects, but the machines are also used in the engineering industry to make prototypes.

Manufacturers utilize these routers to provide consistent, quality products to their customers, without the need for any hands-on carving or design work, thus saving the company time and money. 

Designing Cut Files

The beauty of owning a CNC router is you can design your very own cut files to allow you to create completely bespoke designs. 

AutoCAD (CAD stands for computer aided design) is a drawing program used to start the process of making your product. Within AutoCAD, you will construct your design and make a DXF file (drawing exchange format).

Different software is available for you to choose from that come with varying price ranges and ease of use. However, there are plenty of tutorials online that show you step by step how each specific software works so, as long as you have an eye for design, you are good to go. 

Once drawn, a CAM (computer aided manufacturing) program converts your image into G-Code which then controls your CNC router. Your design will never go anywhere, so you can recreate the same piece time and time again — perfect for bulk orders. 

Purchasing Cut Files

however, you just want to get started and see a finished product quickly, you can purchase a huge variety of cut files online!

The designs include everything from dinosaurs, vehicles, pen holders and storage boxes to mini puzzles, castles, bikes and even furniture.

now, we are sure you know that the artwork and objects you can create with this machine are limitless and, with the rapid growth of the technology field, CNC routers are only going to become increasingly more advanced in terms of their overall capabilities and astounding precision.